About Us

NH Purchasers Group on Health

The NH Purchasers Group is comprised of leadership from the State of New Hampshire Employee and Retiree Health Benefit Plan; the University System of New Hampshire; and the New Hampshire School Health Care Coalition, a joint labor/management partnership providing health benefits to public employees throughout the state.

Our vision for health is one that is centered on:

  1. Primary Care. A robust, high performing primary care, aligned with the Joint Principles of the Patient Centered Medical Home.
  2. Quality. Aligned with quality indicators endorsed by the professional societies and articulated by the National Quality Forum (NQF) and Ambulatory Quality Alliance (AQA).
  3. Efficiency. Seeks out, implements and incents the use of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) guidelines and identifies unnecessary duplication of services.
  4. Technology. The investment for technological advancement is for proven technologies and devices that have demonstrated an improvement in quality outcomes such as Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Prescribing.