September 2018

Three Essentials for Negotiating Lower Drug Prices

In Second Month Of Arkansas’ Work Requirements, Thousands Fail To Report Hours Even Though They Meet Them

Social Determinant as Public Goods: A New Approach to Financing Key Investments in Healthy Communities

Trump Administration Sinks Teeth into Paring Down Drug Prices, on 5 Key Points

This Tool Measures How Far States and the US Are from Meeting Health and Well-being Goals

Study: NH Ranks Third in Nation in Quality Health Care

The Resilience of the Affordable Care Act: The Michigan Example

A Six Step Solution to the PBM Problem

July 2018

Key Takeaways from Lawsuit against Kentucky’s Medicaid Work Requirements

Encouraging Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Primary Care through Value-Based Payment Strategies

NH to Become First State to Use Health Insurance Claims to Rate Networks

Longtime New Hampshire House Fiscal Hawk Neal Kurk Not Seeking Re-Election

5 Things to Know about Medicaid Work Requirements

AMA Will Oppose CVS-Aetna Merger

Dartmouth-Hitchcock CEO Named to “Most Influential” List by Modern Healthcare

What’s Driving Health Care Costs?

Kaiser Health News: Judge Blocks Kentucky Medicaid Work Requirement

Stewart v. Azar and the Future of Medicaid Work Requirements

Health Affairs Launches Council on Health Care Spending and Value

Value-Based Insurance Design Improves Medication Adherence Without an Increase in Total Health Care Spending

7,000 People Fail to Meet Arkansas Medicaid Work Requirement

Covering the Care: Medicaid, Work, and Community Engagement

Snapshots of Recent State Initiatives in Medicaid Prescription Drug Cost Control

FDA Eyes New Ways to Lower Some Drug Costs and Boost Consumer Access


June 2018

Vermont Legislature First in the Nation to Approve Rx Drug Importation From Canada

Vermont Legislators Pass A Drug Importation Law. So What?

State Policymakers Work to Hold Hospitals Accountable for Community Benefits Spending

NH Wins Approval for Medicaid Work Requirements

New Regional Health Care CEO Outlines Priorities

How Have Healthcare Prices in the U.S. Grown Over Time?

Eyes Turn to Vermont as it Sees Success with Health System

Exeter Health Resources, Massachusetts General Hospital and Wentworth -Douglass Hospital announce plans to explore regional network opportunity

CMS Unveils Enhanced “Drug Dashboards to Increase Transparency on Drug Prices

May 2018

News That Amazon Is Shelving Plans To Sell Drugs To Hospitals Sends Distributors’ Stock Soaring

Medicaid 1115 Waivers: From Care Delivery Innovations to Work Requirements

Hospital Safety Grades: The Best – And Worst – in New Hampshire

Opioid Prescribing Decreased by 15% in NH Last Year

Leveraging State Purchasing Power to Stabilize the Individual Market: Washington State Leads the Way

April 2018

Can States Regulate Prescription Drug Costs without Violating Patent Law?

Rising Drug Costs Scrutinized

Senators target ‘gag clauses’ that hid potential savings on prescriptions

Patients Overpay For Prescriptions 23% of the Time

Health Insurer Cigna To Pay $67 Billion for Express Scripts

Walmart in Talks with Humana for Deeper Partnership